Visual Communication in Society


Views from the Blue

Verticality/Bird’s Eye View

  • Kilmacduagh Monastery, Ireland
  • Taken by Martin Cummins, 19/07/20
  • source: facebook

The drone’s autonomous movements and 360-degree lens enable it to generate vertical images that vary considerably from our everyday experiences. Although vertical angles have been historically regarded as in tension with views from below due to their associations with panoptic surveillance, the increasing commercial use of drones has the potential to diversify verticality as an exercise of power.

With its bright colours and unusual shapes, striking vertical image of Kilmacduagh Monastery in Ireland makes the landscape feel more tactile than visual. This new organisation of space in terms of tactility allows a new sensory formation to be enacted and, thus, a reperspectivisation of image that transcends familiar visual hierarchies and orientations, establishing an alliance between power and visibility.


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  • 11.06.2021

    “diversify verticality as an exercise of power” Really ?

  • 10.06.2021

    Great perspective,
    Reminds me of the V2 rocket pictures at Peenemunde.
    Great for planning and layout applications.

  • 01.06.2021

    interesting patterns – more random than expected

  • 27.05.2021

    I feel like this should be bleak, but it’s quite a bright and happy photo