Visual Communication in Society


Views from the Blue

Extreme Close-Ups

  •  Red Hill Marina, Salton Sea, USA
  • Taken by Eric Hanscom, 7/02/21
  • source: facebook

A common type of image captured by drones is the extreme close-up, In extreme close-ups, the shot is so tight that only a small detail of the landscape can be seen. Here, emphasis is placed on texture and sensory experience, thereby triggering a strong emotional response in viewers, as their attention is turned fully towards a specific object of focus and is not distracted by any external items in the background.

This image, taken in Borrego Palm Canyon (USA), captures the dusky desert floor from an unusual perspective. Its oblique angle emphasises the rows of symmetrical, horizontal lines, intersected by deep grooves. Without a clear horizon, viewers struggle to orient themselves, confusing their sense of spatial orientation as they are thrust into an atmospheric space and forced to search for what is held within the image.


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  • 10.06.2021

    I think you would have to know this place to appreciate it.
    We have seen these type of shots many times before, also could have been done in macro.
    Nothing new.

  • 01.06.2021

    very difficult to judge the scale here, fascinating